Grimsby Creates crowdfund is excited and privileged to be supporting twelve different projects in North East Lincolnshire. Take a look to see if you are able to pledge against any of them. Here is a run down:

Grimsby Zine Fest – Turntable Gallery are planning to set up a zine fest within the town, to promote creativity and a community in which people can share ideas and support each other.

Restoration of a Harold Gosney sculpture by Grimsby Cleethorpes Civic Society in collaboration with other organisations including WE1 Heritage & The Great Grimsby Docks.

Grimsby Ragnarök! From VESR – is a community activity that will bringing people together to create a unique interpretation of the town’s Viking heritage.

The Grimbarians are continuing to renovate their studio space for workshops and training for local people.

Grimm from Evie Henderson will be the development of two theatre performances to capture the stories of the fishing community of Grimsby.

Future Freestylers from James Munro (Freestyle Academy CIC). The aim of the project is to enhance our music enrichment offer by providing free sessions that are accessible to young people and adults.

Live Laughs Lincs from Lauren Smith – to develop and expand a monthly stand-up comedy programme and workshops to equip people to use comedy to support mental health and confidence.

Grimsby Docks Digital Twin. The Great Grimsby Docks Company are aiming to create a digital twin of the docks which will enable people to see digital content which will bring to life the history of the buildings.

Lowercase theatre, a Grimsby based arts organisation, is raising money to support young people with bursaries & seed commissions, workshop opportunities and networking events.

Centre4 Creatives – this project aims to develop a community space at Centre4 and offer a diverse programme of creative and educational activities for adults.

Grimsby for Team England – Happy Feet Dance Studio. This project has already reached its target and you can still pledge as the target has now been stretched.  It enables 44 children and young people to go to the 2023 Dance World Cup! – Target reached! New Stretch target set.

The Time Trap. This project from Red Herring Games is looking to create a new FREE interactive online mystery game for enjoyment and education using the Time Trap in Grimsby – Target reached!